There is nothing more exciting than exploring the Adriatic Sea on Croatia small ship luxury cruises. While riding the sparkling blue water of the Sea, you will witness many shades of blue and green. Bring along your binoculars, and enjoy the mesmerizing landscape of the Adriatic coastline.

Small ship cruise packages to Croatia are fabulous for those travelers, who appreciate the compactness while traveling. The number of passengers on a small cruise ship has never been too many. Hence, you will never find these cruises crowded. Moreover, as the space on the small cruise ship is limited, travelers find it very convenient to walk out to the dock and come back to their rooms without hassle.

Did you know?
Stretching over five thousand kilometres along the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has one of the longest coastlines on the Mediterranean rim. Like breadcrumbs on a pond, its 1,244 islands most of which are wild and uninhabited offer endless bays and coves, sheltered anchorages and a warm, pristine sea to swim and paddle in.

Besides Croatia cruises on modern luxury motor boats, in our program we also offer gulet yacht charter (entire gulet or a cabin charter) and luxury gulet charter.



Browse through our crewed cruise offers, choose which cruise is most suited for you and read on to find out how you can discover the enchanting beauty of this land by planning a Croatia cruise with us.

Why Cruising is The Best Way to Experience Croatia

Cruising Croatia The Best Way to Experience Croatia

Croatia is a land where you will find a pleasant melange of flavors of different civilizations. The country has been ruled by the Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, and Slavs. That is why the present Croatian culture reflects a breathtaking fusion of all these magnificent cultures.

There are many facts about Croatia that will entice you to plan a trip there at the earliest. The country will give you the taste of the sea, the forests, and the mountains, and over 1000 islands and islets. Yes, the land is full of natural brilliance that is still being discovered. For years, the tourists have been visiting Croatia in the hope of unearthing its unfathomable beauty and returning repeatedly.

Undoubtedly, Croatia is one of the most exotic destinations on Earth. However, there is no better way to soak in the gorgeousness of Croatia than cruising with it. Sailing holidays is a beautiful way to spend your summer vacation and if you know this is how you want to spend it, but don’t know which cruise to take, contact us and we will help to find the best Adriatic cruise for you.

So, except the amazing natural beauty of the Adriatic sea and many enchanting ancient towns along the Adriatic coast, why should you choose to cruise to Croatia?


List of other benefits that you can enjoy on a Croatia cruise

  • Relaxed environment
    A perfect holiday starts right when the journey to the destination begins. The statement holds true when you are cruising. Your journey on the cruise will be relaxing as you will be served and pampered by the cruise staff. Your room will be cleaned while you enjoy a refreshing spa treatment. As for food and drink, you will have a variety of cuisines and drinks to relish.
  • Entertainment for all
    Whether you are cruising alone or with family members, spending time on Croatia cruise will never be an issue for you. Cruises have discos, mini-golf area, gymnasium, casino, massage parlors, and so on. Many cruises even offer cooking classes, cake decorating lessons, acting programs, etc. Hence, cruising is a remarkable way to pursue your dream of learning new skills.
  • Make friends
    Of course, when there are so many opportunities to engage with your fellow travelers, you will surely make many friends on a Croatia cruise. Therefore, in spite of traveling alone, you are unlikely to have a single dull moment.



Croatia Cruise – Amazing locations along the Adriatic coast

Small Ship Croatia Cruise

Blue sea all around, good food, natural and historical sights and let ’s not forget great company! Croatia small cruise ships with their comfortable fully equipped chambers, beautiful sundecks and full service on board have without a doubt claimed their place in Croatia holiday cruising experience.

Whether you are traveling with family or friends, looking for a more intimate cruising experience, or searching for an active, in the go holiday our Croatia cruises enable you to do this with maximum style and comfort. This is why for our fleet we have been able to choose the best of the best, constantly aspiring to offer our guests an authentic Croatia small ship cruises.


What Places You Should Visit While Cruising in Croatia?


Dubrovnik cruise port CroatiaDubrovnik is located in the south of Croatia, on the Adriatic coast. It borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina in the north and Montenegro in the east. Warm juvenile climate, transparent blue sky, emerald green, and dark blue sea depths, an abundance of bays, sandy beaches and twisting reefs serve as an irresistible decoration for Dubrovnik.
Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, even in winter in Dubrovnik there is an abundance of sunny days and ripe oranges. In Dubrovnik 250 sunny days a year, the average temperature of 17 degrees. The average temperature in winter is 10 degrees and in summer 26. The average temperature of water in summer is 21 degrees.
The swimming season begins in April and lasts until late September. Many hotels have indoor pools where you can swim throughout the year. The city was founded in the 7th century on an island off the coast, called Laus Lava. Part of Dubrovnik within the walls is called the Old Town and is a well-preserved example of a medieval Mediterranean city. Here is the favorite place for walking – Stradun (central street). The New Town is dominated by modern low-rise architecture. The city of Dubrovnik is under the protection of UNESCO.



Hvar Cruise port CroatiaThe smell of lavender, mild Mediterranean climate, and plenty of sunny days attract guests to visit Hvar Island.
The old town is surrounded by a fortified wall and the largest square in Dalmatia dominates in the city center.
The place of Vrboska or Esla attracts you with its calm and quiet streets and romantic squares. The island also has the oldest public theater in Europe.
Sights to see:
– Fortica Fortica (Spanish fortress) – built on top of a mountain. In front of the fortress, you can see the old city walls with towers, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the building of the old Arsenal shipyard.
– Hvar Cathedral- St. Stephen’s Cathedral is dedicated to St. Stephen, the pope, and the martyr.
– The Hvar Theater (Arsenal) – the oldest public theater in Europe (16th century). On the waterfront is the Arsenal building which was the repair dock of warships.
– Franciscan monastery – built-in 1461. Expensive ancient coins and paintings of old masters are collected and exhibited in its storehouse for display.



korcula_cruise_port_croatiaBeing the 6th biggest island in the Adriatic sea, Korčula is an essential part of the South Dalmatian islands. The length of the island is 46.8, the width is 5.3, and the area of the island is 270 km2.

From the Peljesac peninsula, the island is separated by a narrow Peljesack Strait.
The climate is mild Mediterranean. The average temperature in the year is 16.8 degrees, in January 9.1 degrees Celsius and in July 26.9.
The history of the island is rooted in antiquity. Neolithic mounds, Phoenician settlements, and the remains of an ancient Greek colony were discovered on the island.

The western part of the island (Vela Luka) in the VI century BC inhabited by the Greeks. In the VIII century, Slavic tribes came to the island.

Korcula Old Town is a beautifully preserved example of a medieval Dalmatian city with narrow streets.



trogir_cruise_port_croatiaTrogir was founded in the III century BC. e. Greek colonists from the island of Vis. On this historical part is the city of Trogir. Even among the numerous and well-preserved ancient coastal and island cities of Dalmatia, the small historical area of Trogir stands out as a unique cluster of palaces, temples, towers, ancient buildings. The largest building of the old city is the Cathedral of St. Lovro. The pearl of the interior of the cathedral is the carved portal of the master Radovan.
In 1997, the historical center of Trogir was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Old Trogir is a monument city. Romanesque architecture is combined with the architecture of the Renaissance and Baroque, leftover from the Venetians. For recreation in Trogir there is everything you need – good hotels, apartments, tourist camps, delicious food (home cooking, fish specialties), the opportunity to engage in active sports. In Trogir there are many cultural gatherings, festivals, and concerts of classical and folk music. The Fisherman’s Nights festival is very popular. The average temperature in the year does not fall below 15 degrees, in summer it exceeds 30 degrees. The number of hours of sunshine is 2,700. Crystal and clear sea, islands with a mild Mediterranean climate represent a popular destination.



split croatia cruise portSplit represents the second-largest city in Croatia. It’s situated by the sea, in Dalmatia, the southern part of Croatia. It represents an educational, economic, tourist and sports center. It has a 1700 year history which has helped Split become what it is today — a friendly and cozy destination with constantly smiling and graceful people. As we are talking about people, we might mention that Split has approximately 200,000 inhabitants. Since it is situated by the sea, Split is a sunlit city — winters are warm, summers are too hot. Split is situated at the bottom of the hill called Marjan which looks like its shield. Its history goes back to the end of the third century when the Roman Emperor named Diocletian, requested a palace to be built for his majesty, where he could enjoy his last years. The palace of 38,000 m2 (45,447 yard2) today represents the old part of Split, we can positively say its heart, its core. Diocletian’s palace holds a lot of cultural notabilities, making it a very attractive location. Entering the Diocletian’s palace, you automatically feel the coldness of the stones, you can imagine Roman soldiers marching through…





Croatia Island Cruises & Small Ship Tours 2021

Elaphiti islands cruise port croatia

There are many Croatia island cruises we have created to help you explore beautiful Dalmatian coast as well as the North Adriatic and Kvarner region. You can choose one of our predefined Croatia small ship cruises or you can create your own.


Croatia Cruise Top 3 Must-Visit Islands in Croatia

Island Hvar
One of the “must-see” places of the Croatian coast with so much to see and so much to do, famous for gastronomic delicacies, culture, night life and loved by celebrities. Some of the famous visitors of Hvar: Tom Cruise, Beyonce, and Jay Z, Eva Longoria… Hvar is the kind of place in which you can find something for everyone.


Island Korčula
Korčula, one of the oldest and most significant cultural centers of Dalmatia. Sightseeing is a must, this Dalmatian town will enchant you.


Island Mljet
“Greenest island in Croatia” Discovered and described by ancient Greek geographers, a place where Homer’s Odyssey took refuge on his voyage back home is best know by National Park Mljet – an unique intact natural treasure, also a great place to have a swim.


What to Expect from a Small Ship Cruise in Croatia

What to Expect from a Small Ship Cruise in Croatia

It is hard to imagine a more relaxing holiday than one aboard a small cruise ship along the beautiful Adriatic coast. Our small ship Croatia cruises are conducted in an informal way and provide unique opportunity for passengers to sail leisurely amongst the most beautiful coastal scenery of the Adriatic sea in Croatia.

Relaxation on the boat deck or small wild beaches, enjoying sun having a cold drink on the deck, or jumping into the crystal water after drink, sunset with your close once, magic of sunrise. Joy of a brand new day!

The cruise ships are modern and well-equipped motor sailors, all reconditioned with updated facilities offering the best standards of comfort which vary from ship to ship. Your cruise days are programmed to provide plenty of time for sunbathing, swimming, and exploring picturesque Dalmatian towns such as Split, Dubrovnik, Trogir, Korčula, Hvar…

Almost every evening your cruise ship will be moored or anchored in a different port following your cruise itinerary enabling you to socialize ashore in the company of fellow guests onboard. The fantastic climate, ancient cities, and home-made cuisine will provide you with an unforgettable cruise vacation full of wonderful experiences. – specializes in making cruise arrangements for individual travelers who have a wider interest in their holiday destination than conventional holiday packages can provide. Our long experience and Croatian background have helped us build a good reputation as acknowledged experts in organizing small ship cruises in Croatia. Once you have reached your holiday destinations in Croatia, our staff will provide you with valuable on the spot assistance with transfers and accommodation. You can rely on us to offer you personal service supporting your itinerary.

You can expect:

  • Flexibility – to design a cruise holiday to suit your requirements
  • Competitive rates – best rates on a Croatia cruise market
  • Professional advice – once you have decided on your requirements
  • Valuable on the spot local assistance.

Because of the bespoke nature of our holiday itineraries, most of our cruise holidays are priced individually according to your chosen itinerary. This way we remain true to our concept in travel – freedom of choice and flexibility.

When to go
The last week in July and the month of August is the time when temperatures, visitor levels and rates for small ship cruising reach the highest point. If you can, you may want to take advantage of the cheaper cruising rates and slightly cooler climate by visiting Croatia during the months of March, April, June, September, and October.

The Croatian climate is a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters. The average summer months’ air temperature is 27° C.


Relax and enjoy with us!

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