Kornati Islands Cruise Port Croatia

Why Croatia is a Small Ship Cruise Treasure

Why Croatia is one of the best destinations in Europe for a small ship cruise holiday is no longer a secret. This former communist country is probably the best thing to come from behind the Iron Curtain and Yugoslavia, surprisingly fresh and yet deliciously ancient.


Croatia – A Small Ship Cruise Paradise

Simply littered with vestiges of a distant and glorious past, Croatia has a Roman relic in every major town on the coast, and some even in the wilderness, much to the delights of history buffs who travel here, as there are many medieval castles, some perched high on hilltops while others overlook the sea, guarding from some invisible invaders.

The country’s great small ship cruising potential is given by the large number of islands, some 1,244 in total, many of which constitute the famous Kornati archipelago where a huge and scenic national park is located, the dream of any pleasure cruiser out there.

When you think of Croatia, images of sunny pebble beaches immediately spring to mind, thermal spas where you can sweat your stress away, and fancy cafes on waterfronts, overlooking the boardwalk as well as gleaming masses of white, shiny yachts.

The best sightseeing places are in the streets of medieval Zagreb, the capital city, but also in other large coastal resorts such as Biograd, Pula, Dubrovnik, Split or Zadar. Smaller towns too have they certain appeal, for example getting up early in the morning to watch the fishermen reel in their catch of the day in Rovinj, one of the Mediterranean’s fishing ports, is a beautiful spectacle. Of course, no visit to Croatia would be complete without seeing the spectacular waterfalls in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The nature here reminds of a more tropical vegetation which will make you feel like in some island paradise.

Another incentive for those who wish to take a small ship cruise vacation to Croatia is the local cuisine hailed by many as a healthy yet delicious diet. Though inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, you’ll find more hearty dishes such as lamb roasted over gleaming charcoal, veal stuffed with cheese and ham, the seafood risotto. Local delicacies include the expensive yet delicious truffles in Istria as well as a wide variety of locally produced wines and cheeses.

Not to be outdone by other European shopping destinations, a cruise to Croatia offers plenty to those looking to empty their bank accounts of just pick up a few souvenirs. Among the things unique to yacht charter Croatia that you can bring home, you’ll find on Hvar island which is famed for its huge lavender fields sachets and oil, laces hand woven on the island of Pag, truffles from Istria and of course, a cravat – or necktie – which has its origin in this very region.

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