The beginning of the town of Korčula goes back to the 4th century B.C., when the Greeks founded a colony on the island which was recorded on the famous tablet called the Psephism of Lumbarda. Already at the beginning of the 13th century, Korčula had a town statute. Throughout history, the life of the town revealed a high level of consciousness about communal life and urban culture. According to legend, Korčula owes its name to the dark green cover growing on pure rock.


Why Korčula Should be the Starting Point Of  Your Croatia Cruise Vacation

The town of Korčula has two focal points: a secular square with the town council and a spiritual square with the cathedral. Such an arrangement of public space is characteristic of the Late Middle Ages, and in the town of Korčula it was applied on a smaller scale obviously following the standards of much more powerful European towns of that time.

There are many things to do on the island of Korčula:

  • visit the cathedral of Sv. Marko (St. Mark’s) in the town of Korcula,
  • admire the carving and building skills of local family workshops,
  • sail into the port of Punat,
  • stop by Smokvica and Blato,
  • spend a night in Vela luka,
  • take a local boat from Prizba to a nearby islet.

Also, the island of Korčula takes pride in its strong astringent wines, as well as in its dense coniferous forest that a massive fire ten years ago did not manage to destroy. Two mediaeval chivalric tournaments are held on the island: Moreska in Korčula and Kumpanjija in Blato. These tournaments originated in memories of times long gone that over the centuries became part of local folklore.

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