Built on the foundations of a Greek colony, and  situated on an islet between the mainland and the island of Ciovo – Trogir is a unique example of mediaeval town planning. Its streets are narrow, while the houses are of equal height-an expression of the concern for measure characteristic of Adriatic towns.


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Why Trogir Should be the Starting Point of Your Croatia Cruise Vacation

Trogir is rich in architectural monuments and statues, such as the Greek relief of God Kairos, the humble old Croatian church of Sv. Barbara (St. Barbara), and Gothic and Renaissance palaces.

The focal point of the town space is the cathedral of Sv. Lovro (St. Lawrence). The cathedral’s main portal was made by master Radovan in 1240, signed as “the best of all in this art”.

A counterpart to this Romanesque masterpiece is the chapel of the Blessed Ivan Ursini, the work of Nikola Firentinac, housing sculptures by Andrija Alesi, Ivan Duknovic, and Firentinac himself. The many magnificent achievements in architecture and sculpture speak of the high cultural standards of the citizens of Trogir.

When the town was destroyed in 1123, its citizens rebuilt it just as the citizens of other Adriatic towns did in similar situations. And like Zadar and Biograd, despite the destruction, Trogir has continued to exist in the same place, not only because of favorable location, but also because of the spirit of its citizens dedicated to their communal traditions.


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