Usually built of pine wood and styled with a pointed fore and round aft, Gulet boats have been traditionally hand made by master craftsmen from the town of Bodrum inTurkey, and hence are referred to as “Bodrum type” yachts or boat Gulets.

This type of vessel originating from Turkey has quite a controversial etymology, being similar both to schooners, which have a long history of use as sweeping nets or freight vessels all along.

A Gulet Cruise in Croatia represent an ideal choice both for a relaxing and active holiday with family or friends, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful Croatian sea, have fun and to experience gastronomic, cultural and historical high points of the Adriatic coast.





What is the main difference between small Croatia cruise ship and gullet cruise ship?

The big difference between Croatia gulet cruises and Croatia small ship cruises is that on a gulet cruise you and your friends can rent the entire gulet (usually from 10 to 14 people) while on Croatia small ship cruises you can rent a single cabin and join one of our famous cruises on the Adriatic sea.


What to Expect from a Luxury Gulet Cruise in Croatia

Traditional day aboard a gulet starts around 8:30h (depending on the agreement), when the crew starts serving breakfast. And if the ship is anchored in a bay, before heading to the breakfast table, guests can go for a swim in a clear blue sea to start off their day in the most perfect way.

The adventure is ready to continue as the gulet sails off to its new destination where our guests can go for a swim, sunbathe, dive, go kayaking or even do some water skiing. While guests relax and enjoy themselves, the crew will make sure they do it in style and will be at their disposal serving drinks, cocktails and snacks according to wishes.

After lunch those looking for some peace and quiet can find it on one of the sun decks, cabins or the saloon while others can enjoy beautiful natural surroundings and even do some exploring.

In the evening the ship starts off to one of the harbors where it stays anchored for the night. Guests can head out to do some sightseeing of local villages or towns, and go out for dinner in one of the local taverns/restaurants.

Those looking for a quiet gulet cruising experiencei n Croatia can also spend their nights on anchor in a bay (depending on weather circumstances), where they can enjoy a more intimate and peaceful surroundings.


Gulet Charter Cruise in Croatia

The first Gulet that came to Croatia in 1997 originates from Istanbul, and through time they became one of the most popular means to cruise the Croatian coast so that today there are about 20 gulets actively participating in gulet cruise charter in Croatia.

Whichever the case, Gulet has evolved through time adopting a unique and recognizable appearance highly popular for tourist cruise charter. Today its size varies from 14-35 meters with a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sail boat built most commonly from high quality pine, teak, oak and mahogany.

These magnificent vessels are equipped with comfortable fully equipped chambers, beautiful sundecks, saloon and a dining area, adding full service on board they now rightfully carry the epithet, luxury gullets.

Dalmatian towns Zadar, Šibenik Split and Dubrovnik are their main ports of registry and the gulets themselves are all unique though similar in their design, mostly differing in their size and cabin number (from 4 – 8).

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